Ahmadinejad: "Hey! I'm Just a Meshugeneh!"

Iran's President Shecky Ahmadinejad today denied any ill intent in the widely criticized remarks he made about Israel on Tuesday. "Hey! I'm just a misunderstood meshugeneh," said Shecky, spraying himself in the shnoz with a splash of seltzer. "Is it my fault that some of the nudniks don't get my shtick? Maybe so. I tell you, I'm always misunderstood. Last week I told my psychiatrist that I'd thought about becoming a suicide bomber. He told me that from now on I'd have to pay in advance."

For the second time in recent days he claimed that the Holocaust was a myth used by the Jews in order to grab a piece of the valuable local real estate. "Hey! They've got some of the best rocks of the whole stinking desert in that place," he explained. "You go to a stoning in Israel and it's practically free." He then suggested that the Jews be repatriated to Europe, Alaska or Canada.

"Oy vey, you don't see that as part of my shtick, you must be a shmegegi. Gevalt geshreeyeh! Can you see some alter kocker wandering around the frozen tundra, looking for some nice Holishkes? Feh! Florida, however, that's a whole other story. All the alligators down there wear shirts with little Jews on them. Hey! Farshtaist? I kid because I love..."


2005, Mark Hoback