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The White House is reportedly 'deeply disturbed' by a 'meeting' that took place on Monday between British Prime Minister Tony Blair and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Ostensibly promoted as a 'pact' of cooperation between California and Britain to work together to combat 'global warming', White House spokesman Tony Snow called the meeting 'largely symbolic', stating that a governor "does not have the power to enter into international treaties, and if he does, fuck him and the candy-colored pony he rode in on."

"Just let me put it this way," Snow said defensively. "Yes, I see some warming going on, and it's the man-on-man kind. This administration believes that the very definition of 'pact' is the legal union of a nation and another nation in common agreement. To spell it out, that's Tony and George, not Tony and Ahnold."

President Bush had no official comments on the meeting, although Snow described the chief executive as 'Weepy'. Reports have described the Bush-Blair as troubled ever since last month's G-8 conference, where Bush treated Blair with 'total indifference', and was repeatedly seen in the company of Angela Merkel.

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