Our Idea of the Week comes from Rick Perry, gentleman governor of the great state of Texas. 

Dear Rick: To solve the problem of illegal immigration, why not just set up surveillance cameras all along the border?

Point well taken, and we've done just that... okay, there actually web cams, but what's the diff, come on, this is even better cause - listen to me - we can put it all on the internet, you know, hundreds maybe thousands of little streams that you can pick and choose from or even better, you can play Command Central, and uh, it'll draw thousands, maybe millions, I dunno but it'll be big, and all of our citizens will be watching the border and they see anything suspicious that's going on, and we'll have a 1-800 number they can call where our trained and courteous operators are standing by waiting for their calls and then they get the tip and 'hey kid, what border segment are you watching' and then they check it out and if it looks like it's not an armadillo or something else legal then our trained but not at the moment courteous operators - cause they're busy border enforcing - they call up the state, local or federal law enforcement agencies, once they figure out who has jurisdiction, and they tell them 'hey officer, I just got a call about fifteen minutes from a kid who says he saw an illegal crossing', and the officer takes a quick look and says 'damn I'll have to take your word for it cause they ain't showing up on my screen, I'll have someone down to the border as soon as I got a man free, fifteen twenty minutes thirty tops'.


2006, M Hoback