Let Us Eat Cake

Members of the fledgling Iraqi quasi-government met today for the first time in nearly a week after Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice agreed to provide refreshments for the event. Washington has been pushing the leaders to form a national unity government, but many of them have deferred, claiming to be 'really busy'.

They were not so busy, however, that they were willing to pass up the spread of ladyfingers, Columbian coffee, and the piece de resistance, Condi's homemade pineapple upside down cake.

"Heavens no," said former Prime Minister Iyad Allawi, speaking with his mouth full. "You must remember that under our former barbaric regime, the people had little or no access to pineapples. What Saddam himself did not eat, he gave to Uday and Qusay for target practice. What a fool! He should have given them to Miss Rice and allowed her to turn them into wonderful cakes like this one."

Not everyone shared the same sunny outlook. Shi’ite leader Abdul Aziz Al Hakim complained bitterly. "They talk of unity, and yet no one consults the Shias on their favorite kind of cake. To a man we prefer German Chocolate, not this flat and fruity thing."


©2006, M Hoback