President Bush today had nothing but scorn for remarks by Hugo Chavez, who said on his weekly radio program that his prior comments calling Bush the devil, a drunk, a jackass, and a warthog were 'nothing personal', and that some day, they might hit it off smartly. "One day, if maybe George Bush and I survive all of this, we will reach old age, and it would be good to play a game of dominos, street baseball."

Responding to Chavez's remarks from an outdoor penis market in Guadalajara, where he purchased a large bag of dicks to send the Venezuelan president, Bush said "those who play street baseball are destined to get run over by the twelve ton truck of history, and dominos is for the type of sissies who don't have the wherewithal to toss a horseshoe."

"Yeah, well, you can't say I didn't try, you can't say that I didn't at least make a little gesture," said a disappointed Chavez. "I'd take him up on the horseshoes thing, but I don't really believe that it was a sincere offer."


2007, Mark Hoback