Delay Disparages Supreme Court Decision

Uh, man, you know what I just heard? That, like, the Supreme Court? That, like the Supreme Court says we can't smoke reefer anymore. Fuckin activist judges. Yeah, man. Who died and made them boss, huh? Like, I'm the federal government, ya know? No way, dude. They said that like if you've got cancer, or like your knee hurts, you still can't smoke a doobie. They're goin down, man.

I don't know. About an hour ago, I guess. Denny told me he just heard about it, so we decided to roll one up just down the street from the, from the courthouse - you could see it man, plain as day - and we smoked it outta protest. It was wicked. Then we had us some beers. The judges need to be intimidated, man. They need to uphold the Constitution. Nothing in there, the constitution, like, say I got Tom Delay disease, right, and my doctor tells me, he says, Tom, you need to carry a little weed with you at all times... right, right, like nitroglycerin tablets, right, yeah, then that's like doctor-client privilege. Whoa! Who's that behind us? Statue? Ah, dude, that thing looks real.

Some righteous smoke, man, I'm still trippin. Ya know, The times gonna come for the dudes responsible for this to answer for their behavior. You know, we set up the courts, we can unset the courts, know what I'm saying? I mean, they can have my bong when they pry it out of my cold stiff fingers. Or whatever...


2005, Mark Hoback