Frist's Judgement Called Into Question

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist teaches school children how to use condoms

Senate majority leader Bill Frist may soon regret his decision to call for an expansion of stem cell research in defiance of President Bush and other members of the religious right. As Focus on the Family leader James Dobson puts it, "We're more than a little disappointed with the man. When we want him to follow his own conscience, we'll let him know."

In a news release titled 'Frist is Worse than Kerry', William Donohue of The Catholic League calls him out thusly:

“Frist is worse than Kerry. Kerry, a lawyer, said his position on the beginning of human life was based on ‘my Catholic belief.’ Frist, a physician, says that while his Christian faith informs his position, there’s more to it: ‘But, to me, it isn’t just a matter of faith. It’s a fact of science.’

“And it’s a fact of politics that Frist is such a hypocrite. His change of heart has nothing to do with any scientific breakthrough: there is no new evidence suggesting that the human embryo does not constitute human life, nor is there any evidence that embryonic stem cell research can be performed without killing embryos. What’s changed is that Dr. Duplicity wants to be president."

Donohue goes on to say that an anonymous White House souse had informed him that Senator Frist is 'an odious fudgepacker'.

Our suspicions raised to a razor sharp level, we called Karl Rove to ask whether he might be the souse in question.

"Sure thing," he told us. "I've told everybody. It's not a real secret around Capitol Hill. And anyway, it's not a big deal to be an odious fudgepacker, at least not to the liberals, of which I now consider Frist to be one. What the hell, it's still legal according to the old Supreme Court. So what's your question?"

Since Rove had already answered our question, we used this opportunity to score a bonus query, asking him if there was any further dirt forthcoming.

"Well, this is double secret off-the-record," he told us, "but Frist's wife is undercover. She's undercover with three different members of the judiciary, plus a certain liberal senator from California, as well as the sportscaster from channel 7."

"Really?" we replied.

"Ha, ha, no," Karl laughed in that inimitable style that's all his own. "I was just kidding about that double secret off-the-record stuff."


©2005, Mark Hoback