Bush and Singh, smashing in blue

In India, President Bush has wrapped up his historic visit with a host of new agreements and understandings, such as the one which will basically sanction wide expansion of nuclear proliferation in the country.

"India needs the atom," said the president, "in order to meet it's needs in the highly competitive market for natural resources. India already has a large number of atoms. It's time for us to say 'You are a great democracy. Use your atoms as you see fit, particularly if it will put the fear of God in China'. Or fear of Vishnu. Whatever."

Particularly striking is an agreement issued by Bush and Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh stating that blue is the new black.

"India has always been a country which looks good in blue," said Singh, speaking to a short press availability session in New Delhi. "Blue has been part of our heritage, going back to the Vedick civilization of 500 BC. Many of our favorite gods and goddesses were blue. Some of them may look wacky, like the four-armed elephant-headed Ganesha, but they all shared a common love of the color blue. In recent years, India has drifted away from this color, as have our allies in the United States, but happy days are here again, and we proudly proclaim blue the new black."

"I like blue," said Bush, signaling agreement.


2006, Mark Hoback