What A Good Sport!

President Bush showed up at the White House Correspondents dinner last night sporting a twin and a sense of humor, proving once and for all to the American people that he's just a normal guy like you and me except much funnier, you know, someone you'd like to share a beer with, maybe even a nice doobie since he is so personable in real life that you know he'd be delighted to kick back with a common guy like yourself and share a few jokes and tokes and maybe some memories and then some real knee-slappers, the kind that would have you rolling on the floor shouting "Oh you kooky president, please stop it, you're killing me" but this would just egg him on and get him to tell an even funnier joke then slap you on the back and buy you another drink, winking and waving as he moved on to the next American in line.

It was a remarkable night, with hordes of celebrities and celebrity-politicians mixing it up with the working press, although, needless to say, they had much better seats.

"Oh my", remarked veteran correspondent Helen Thomas. "I know I've been accused in the past of being a little rough on the president, but that was before this event. Tonight I saw a man who wasn't afraid to make a good joke for his country, a hearty and hale good fellow, someone I'd like to share a beer with. There's a new Helen in town now, one that will now stop andthink twice before opening her big mouth."

Particularly successful were jokes about Dick Cheney shooting an old man in the face. "Gosh, that's the joke that keeps on giving, I guess," said surprise attendee George Clooney, speaking of the incident which was recently voted by the Associated Press as the funniest White House story of all time. "I know it's kind of silly and slapstick, but there's just something about getting shot in the face that cracks me up."


2006, M Hoback