...and so, what we appear to be seeing here is a confluence of events, which unfortunately, is being completely ignored by the mainstream media, present company excluded, of course.

"You know what, Alan? I'm going to continue to ignore this story, and I'll tell you the reason why. It's because this is not a real story. And in particular, it's not that con thing you mentioned. "

"Do you mean confluence, Sean?"

"It's not that confluence thing that you were talking about. And don't you dare  call me present company."

"I wasn't really referring to you when I said 'present company excluded', Sean.  But back to confluence, it means the merging of two or more streams. In this case, we of course are talking about the merging of media streams, or stories..."

"I know what you're talking about, Colmes, it's just not the effete manner in which I choose to converse."

"At any rate, Sean, why don't we meet our first guest of the night - Walden O'Dell, former CEO of the Diebold company, and..."

"He's the current CEO of the Diebold Corporation, Alan, and he's here to talk about the ridiculous rumor that Diebold Election Systems AccuVote machines are vulnerable to hacking..."

"Particularly if it's an inside job, Sean. And I'm afraid that I have to stand by my earlier claim that O'Dell is indeed the former CEO, since he has recently been forced to resign from Diebold under a cloud of suspicion and controversy. I believe that event occurred just this past Tuesday, didn't it Mr. O'Dell?"

"No, Alan, it was this past Monday. And for the record, I wasn't forced to resign, in the traditional sense. No one held a gun to my head. It was my own decision, and it was made so that I could spend more time with my family."

"Wally! Wally, Wally, Wally - is this true? How involved was the ACLU in your ouster? Be honest, where and how was George Soros involved in this whole effort to get you to spend more time with your family? Forget Soros. Let's hear about the ACLU."

"I suspect they were highly involved, Sean. They seem to have taken the whole issue of vote tampering as their own little cause célèbre. It's a perfect example of just how far the radical left will go in pursuit of winning at any cost."

"Pardon me, Mr. O'Dell, but I believe that we have you on record in early 2004 saying that you would help Bush win another term at any cost, any cost at all, even if that meant, perhaps, and I'm just conjecturing up an example of what the meaning of any cost might be, such as, perhaps, the cost might be the act of rigging voting machines in a number of key electoral states."

"Colmes, I am going to come over there and kick..."

"By the way, Sean, I don't know if you picked up on Mr. O'Dell's use of the phrase cause célèbre. That's French, Sean, and roughly translated, it means a case or idea chosen to arouse widespread controversy."

"I do know a little bit of French, Alan. Try this as an example - va te faire foutre, vous fils d'une chienne. And here's a little Italian for you while we're at it - mangi il formaggio e muoia."

"Ha, ha, Sean, I believe you just told me to eat cheese and die."

"Look, Wally, let's just ignore my cheese eating co-host for a minute, and get the opinion of FOX news analyst Robert Novak, who knows a little bit more than Alan here."

"I'm sorry, Sean, but I believe Mr. Novak is a CNN analyst."

"I see you didn't get the memo, Alan, or else didn't bother to read it. Earlier today, Mr. Novak left CNN and signed with FOX, your number one network for the news you can trust. Go ahead, Bob."

"I wish he could, Sean, but that's about all the time we have for this segment. Coming up, we have Dick Morris and Ann Coulter on hand to discuss 'King Kong'. Is this just another example of secularists trying to push the idea of evolution into American schools? We discuss, you decide, and it's all coming up next."


©2005, Mark Hoback