First Lady Delighted with White House Tree














First lady Laura Bush opened the White House door to members of the press today, as she showed off the first family's 'best tree ever'.

The eleven foot plastic and fiber optic tree is a one of a kind creation, and was designed by the good folks at Spencer's Gifts as a gift to the Bush family.

The tree is based on Spencer's two foot economy-sized model, which Ms. Bush reportedly 'just fell in love with' last year, giving a number of them as presents to friends of the family. "Everybody just loved them," said the first lady, who gushed about the trees in an interview with Ladies' Home Journal.

"Laura Bush has given us a ton of free publicity," said Steven Silverstein. "This is the least we can do in return. We're on track to sell eight million of the regular model this year, and this swell lady is the one responsible".