Earth Not to Descend Into Frozen Hell

William Ruddiman, former chairman of the University of Virginia environmental sciences department and his research team bring us the startling new that were it not for global warming caused by human activity over the past 8000 years, the earth would have been plunged into a truly unpleasant ice age. In an article entitled 'Disaster Averted', published today by the Greening Earth Society, we learn from Ruddiman that "Without any anthropogenic warming, earth’s climate would no longer be in a full-interglacial state but be well on its way toward the colder temperatures typical of glaciations". To which we can add but 'Amen'.

GES puts the news in layman's terms. "Earth has spent about ninety percent of the past 1.8 million years under ice age conditions. Only about ten percent of the time have there been warm conditions. Add that one to your Gratitude List! We’re fortunate and very lucky to live when we do, but luck may have little to do with it. The last 10,000 years well might have been warm because humanity flourishes".

According to their web site, "the Greening Earth Society is a not-for-profit membership organization comprised of rural electric cooperatives and municipal electric utilities, their fuel suppliers, and thousands of individuals". They have absolutely no policy agenda, their sole purpose being to bring us the good news about carbon dioxide and global warming, news that is so often skewed or ignored by the liberal news media.

"Take a look at these charts," says Ruddiman, while sipping a refreshing CountryTime Raspberry Ice Tea. "The top chart shows what might have been, say if we had signed the Kyoto treaty. Those jagged lines represent massive icebergs which could well have frozen our keisters off. And let me add, just as an ironic aside, that they would have primarily frozen the blue states. The bottom chart shows what is, with the gray dots representing fluffy white clouds floating peacefully in an azure sky".