Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has responded to North Korea's first nuclear test, calling it 'provocative, yet strangely hilarious'.

The blast, if it can in all fairness be called that, took place in the Huang Cor province, just outside the home of Jyn and Connie Nashaui.

"It singed one of our Juniper bushes," claimed Jyn, "and really upset our dog. He wouldn't stop barking for two hours. Well... only about fifteen minutes, really, but it seemed like two hours."

"North Korea has defied the will of the international community,'' said President Bush, speaking to himself in Washington, D.C. "The action deserves an immediate response by the U.N. Security Council. I suppose. On the other hand, screw em. We've got bigger fish to fry. Course, we'd hate to try and fry them with one of Jong's A bombs."

Rice later announced that North Korea would be replaced in the axis of evil by Togo.


2005, Mark Hoback