graphic from the Washington Post

Two days after threatening the world with 'nucrear annihiration', North Korea has launched a devastating attack on the Sea of Japan, firing six wee Nodong (no dong) and one Taepodong-2 (type of dong too) missiles into the solvent democratic waters of the Pacific Ocean, coming as close as 312 miles to the Japanese coast.

In a message clearly aimed at Kim Jong il, the Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi issued a statement saying "You stupid son of a bitch. You could have really hurt someone with that thing if you knew what the fuck you were doing."

This was North Korea's first major missile test since 1998. The mighty Taepodong-2, the subject of much consternation as of late, fell apart thirty-five seconds into it's flight. It had been feared that the missile could reach as far as the West Coast of the United States, if only the West Coast was in the Sea of Japan.

The reaction from Washington was immediate. "Holy cow, that was lame," said Secretary of State Donald Rumsfeld. "These guys might as well be wearing a kick me sign on their backs."


2006, Mark Hoback