Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney was defiant in defeat last night, claiming that she had been victimized by the press. After conceding loss in her latest primary bid to the totally unknown Hank Johnson, McKinney lashed out at the Atlanta Journal Constitution for publishing an election day photo that depicted Joe Lieberman's head growing out of here left hand, while her right hand was clutching a bere.

"That's phony. That's so phony. Goddamn it to hell, oh man, how could they," said an outraged McKinney, who nonetheless kept her left hand out of sight. "I do not drink French malted beverages, it's strictly American brews for me. I'm outraged, I'm mad, I could bite the head off a parking meter."

Illustrative of the maltreatment of McKinney by the Georgia press was her arrival last night at her campaign headquarters, where she was beaten up by the crew of 11Alive News.

"What the hey, I just don't like the bitch," said anchor Felicity Brown, who was observed kicking McKinney while she was down. "That's freedom of the press, baby."


2006, Mark Hoback