"Hey, soldier, how you doing? Good, good... Got a handle?... Do you have a name?... Randy, okay good, Soldier Randy. What branch of the service are you in Randy? Army, okay good, Army's a great organization. What about that Army football team, man they're good."

"Hi there, soldier, I'm the president... Glad to meet you too. What do people call you? Shirley? Bwahahahaha. Shirley you must be kidding, heh heh... I'll call you Slim. So... What branch of the service are you in, Slim? The Army? Good, good, I was just talking to another  guy from the Army, soldier Randy. You two know each other?... Good, good..."

"Attention, soldier! Heh heh, just messing with you, at ease. Got a name?... Alphonso? Bet all your buddies just call you Al. So, soldier Al, what branch of the service are you from?... The Army? Huh, that's three in a row. Well, you take it easy, Al, don't take any wooden nickels."

"Hi soldier, just wanted to stop by and thank you for your service to our country... Got a name? Sgt Myers? Well, that's a little formal for me, so why don't I just call you Al... So, soldier Al, do you know how to spell sergeant? S-G-T? Well, that's good enough for me. What branch of service are you from? The Army? Wow, you guys really had an excellent turnout."

"Yo, soldier, how you doin, brotherman?... I'm down with that. Whadda tha dawgs call ya?... Your posse... You know... what's your name? Clarence? Hey, I know a Supreme Court justice named Clarence. Bet you two would really hit it off. What branch of service are you from?... The Army? Isn't that something."

"Howdy, soldier, how's it hanging?... Ask Saddam? Heh heh, you're a funny guy. What's your name?... Benny? Hey, you know that song Benny and the Jets? I'll bet you're in the Air Force, aren't you?... Army? Aww, too bad. It'd be a lot funnier if you were in the Air Force."

"Hello, soldier, what's the good word?... Whoa, you must be a sailor if you think that's a particularly good word. What's your handle? Your name, what's your name? Paco? Como estas, soldier Paco. Did I guess right, are you a sailor? Army? Huh. First tour? Oh, your third. And there's that word again..."

"Hi, soldier. How you doing? Good, good......."


2007, Mark Hoback