Laura Bush Consorts With Nation's Enemies

The new secretary of state has been doing something both different in public and, I suspect, not without meaning. When she meets with the leader of another country and poses for the handshake photo-op she never looks at the leader. She always looks at the journalists witnessing the event instead. She gives them her warmest, most connected smiles.

Then, when the picture taking is over, she turns to the foreign leader with a more neutral look, makes eye contact and chats. I don't think this is an accident. I suspect it is the administration's way of finally fighting back against 50 years of embarrassing and compromising pictures of American leaders meeting with leaders such as this, this and this. The Bush White House doesn't want those pictures. They may be inconvenient down the road. And so administration members on meeting foreign leaders give all their jolly warmth to the moment, as it were, and not the man.
--Peggy Noonan, on Bush policy, re: Meeting with Monsters

We have recently uncovered evidence regarding secret meetings between First Lady Laura Bush and odious Egyptian monster Nimnim which took place in late May. The above picture shows Bush, Nimnim, and a man believed to be Amr Koura, a high ranking official of Alkarma Endutainment. As is widely know, Alkarma Endutainment is a front for Jihadist bio-terrorist hitman Abkar Alli Rhamenski, who in 1997 declared president Bill Clinton to be nothing but 'worm meat'. The White House responded by bombing an aspirin factory near Cairo.

Examination by our lab shows that the picture of Bush was probably taken near Alam Simsim, known in the western world as the Arab Street. Note that Laura Bush is making direct eye contact with the puke green monster, a flagrant flouting of US policy regarding contact with such beasts.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan denied the meeting with Nimnim at Simsim, but did note that Nimnim had been "instrumental in setting up new negotiations with certain factions of Syrian Sunnis friendly to the United States. And furthermore, let me state for the record that unlike liberals, Republicans are not so quick to judge a monster simply by the color of his fur."

Nancy Pelosi, speaking for the Democrats, responded "Allah have mercy, that has to be the ugliest vest I've ever seen. And if I'm not mistaken, Nimnim has no pants".


2005, Mark Hoback