Ted Nugent is an example of a non-judge, i.e. one who has never been a judge

From Bloomberg we read that President Bush met this morning  at the White House with Senate leaders from both parties to discuss the replacement of Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

U.S. Senate leaders urged President George W. Bush to go ``outside the judicial monastery'' and consider a politician or lawyer for the U.S. Supreme Court. The Senate's top Democrat said Bush sounded receptive to finding a ``consensus candidate.''

Well, doesn't that just buckle your shoe. "Hey, George, here's a good idea, choose a politician or a lawyer." Like there wouldn't be anyone at the table who would fit that profile.

Supreme Court Justice is a good frigging job. Job security for as long as you care to have it. Interesting work, but not too much of it. More exclusive than the Senate. If anyone ever hassles you, you just hand them your card. A long paid vacation. And you would be taking that vacation, my friend, because instead of having to campaign for your next election, you're going to Disneyland. What career politician wouldn't kill for this job?

Senator Bill Frist swiftly cast aside the cloak of my suspicions. That freaked me out a little bit. "Things are not like you're thinking; there's no such thing as personal ambition in the Senate. You're thinking of the House. Up here we're only concerned with what's best for the president and for the country. It's just our honest belief that politicians and lawyers represent the cream of society. And we've got people who are both! Hey, wait a minute, you know what would be great? A politician-surgeon combo. Oh, man, that would be unbeatable."

Senator Harry Reid said he was happy that the president was reaching out to lawmakers. "That's all we want really. Someone to reach out to us, and tell us that they care, about the things we are, and about the things we wish we could be."

Senator John McCain was positively upbeat. "What a great way to get rid of an old thorn in the side like me, doncha think? Win-win situation. I'm going to tell George, 'Hey, I'm your man'. Worked for Cheney. Don't know why it wouldn't work for me."


2005, Mark Hoback