Robert Novak became the latest victim of the liberal media's politics of personal destruction through colorization last night when he threw a hissy-fit and ran off of CNN's 'Inside Politics', leaving a trail of tears in his wake.

During the show, the topic of Katherine Harris' claim of colorization had arisen, and Novak expressed his strong empathy for the Florida congressman, revealing for the first time that he too had been a victim of the cruel press shenanigans.

 "A lot of my trouble in the world is that they've doctored my makeup and colorized me in a lot of newspapers on my picture," he told a stunned Ed Henry and James Carville.

"Oh really," they enquired. "What newspapers would those be?"

Novak, who can be really tight with a secret on the occasions when he feels like it, reluctantly replied  "Well, I don't ... I can't tell you."

Carville and Henry responded with peals of laughter, with Carville making the observation that Novak was a big pussy.

FGAQ deplores the practice of the politics of personal destruction through colorization and has no comments on the matter.


2005, Mark Hoback