Saddam Enters Third Day of Hungry Strike

Saddam Hussein disrupts the court with his loud stomach growls

Saddam Hussein today told the Iraqi court overseeing his trial that he was "so hungry I could eat a cow", but that instead he had settled the previous day for "a nice piece of halibut and a small salad. No desert. Oh, and a muffin about mid-morning."

Hussein and his codefendant Ibrahim Barzan are vowing to continue their hungry strike until chief judge Raouf Abdel-Rahman is removed from the case. Barzan is applying additional pressure on the court by refusing to wear anything but his long johns. Saddam was unwilling to go that far, opting instead for a blue galabeya.

"“Down with the agents. Down with Bush. Long live the nation,”  Saddam shouted as he entered the courtroom on Monday. “They have forcibly brought me here, and until this travesty is ended, I refuse to eat. Much. Maybe a little chicken or a gyro."

Tonight's dinner at the prison, coincidentally, does feature sesame chicken, along with wild rice, and blueberry popovers, but Hussein told the court he plans to "just pick at it".


©2006, Mark Hoback