Saddam Speaks Again of  U.S. Torture

In court today, Saddam Hussein repeated his allegations that he has been thoroughly tortured while held in US custody. Yesterday he revealed that he had been beaten on every part of his body (except for his right hand, which he claimed was exempted so that he would be able to sign confessions). Today he added that he was also ritualistically humiliated, and given swirlys on a number of occasions.

"This is a ridiculous claim on Saddam's part," said Christopher Reid, of the U.S. Embassy's Regime Crimes Liaison Office. "He would have had to have a flush toilet for that to be possible, and we certainly weren't going to let him have one of those. Did we give him noogies? Yes, that happened quite frequently, and I believe if you'll check the Geneva convention, noogies are quite acceptable. As are pink bellies, which I have to admit, we gave him nearly every single day. Not that it was part of his interrogation or anything, we just got a kick out of his reaction. 'I am the president of Iraq', he would shout, all indignant. 'I am not some sort of American schoolboy whose belly can be violated at will'."

"That used to crack us up. He would threaten to have us ripped to shreds, and we'd be like 'Oh yeah, you and what army?' and he'd be like 'Me and the Imperial Guard, that's who'. Oh my God, we'd be rolling on the floor at that point, and his face would get as red as his belly. But hey, it was all in good fun. If he wants to call that torture, then tell him to feel free."


2005, Mark Hoback