White House: Latest Pictures 'Just Ludicrous'

The Bush administration issued a statement late this afternoon declaring the latest pictures of Saddam Hussein featured in Rupert Murdoch's British newspaper 'The Sun' to be 'obviously a forgery, some kind of photo manipulation, but hilarious nonetheless'.

White House spokesman Scott McClellan told a gaggle of reporters that the administration had originally been concerned that the photos of Saddam in his Fruit of the Loom's would cause demoralization among American serviceman, as their drawers were 'not nearly as nice'.

"But that", said McClellan, "was before we had intelligence take a closer look. There is no way that Saddam could get his... wait a second - are those butt pads? Hahahaha, Saddam's got butt pads! And skidmarks! Hahahaha, hee hee, oh man, no further questions."