Bush Praises Abba's Leadership

Clockwise from top left: Jeff Gannon, Satan, Cindy Ellison, Harold

President Bush met Wednesday with what he was told was the most popular pop group in Palestinian history and discussed ways that they could help bring peace to the world through the healing power of music. Calling them the 'most peace making band in history, Bush pledged that he would donate 50 million taxpayer dollars to help ABBA support a tour of international hotspots.

"From 'Waterloo' and 'Fernando', to the really very pleasing, so my personal favorite, 'Dancing Queen', you four have brought a heck of a lot of good feelings to this world, and we're asking you to do it again. Come on guys, you're not too old. You look just great. Well, thanks for showing up. I've got to fly to Newport for a Social Security Rally. Otherwise, there won't be anything left by the time that you're ready to retire."

Within a couple of hours, however, TBlogg had broken the news that these were not the original members of ABBA at all, but what
appeared to be a two bit cover band from the Holiday Inn Circuit.

'Benny's face looks far too thin. And that's not Agnetha', he stated. 'Aside from her not being nearly cute enough, I'd be willing to bet that it's a man'.

Within hours, the Blogosphere was buzzing with talk that the president had been snookered once again by the notorious Jeff Gannon Gluckert.

"This is the height of surreality," reported the Daily Cos. "Gannon again? What's mamma gonna say? Something's got to be going on with someone at that White House. And look under that blonde wig, that's Old Weird Harold. Hey hey hey!"

A darker side to the story has emerged in the past couple of hours, as experts have identified the other two members of the group as Satan, and Cindy Ellison. Ellison is rumored to be heavily involved in the McCain effort to disrupt Republican party unity.


2005, Mark Hoback