"By now, you have surely read about House Majority Leader Tom DeLay's ethics troubles. Probably, too, you aren't entirely clear as to what those troubles are--something to do with questionable junkets, Indian casino money, funny business on the House Ethics Committee, stuff down in Texas. In Beltway-speak, what this means is that Mr. DeLay has an 'odor': nothing too incriminating, nothing actually criminal, just an unsavory whiff that could have GOP loyalists reaching for the political Glade if it gets any worse. The Beltway wisdom is right. Mr. DeLay does have odor issues. Increasingly, he smells just like the Beltway itself." WSJ 3/28

The Wall Street Journal, huh? Cocksuckers. They don't know a fight. Me, I could care less. They're roaches, and that's something I know more than a little about. Conservative, liberal, they're all press, they're all cockroaches. What did they ever do for me that didn't help themselves? Not a goddamn thing, that's what, we roll 'em, check behind the fridge, the stove, it's filth, best thing to do is burn the whole place down.

"Whether Mr. DeLay violated the small print of House Ethics or campaign-finance rules is thus largely beside the point. His real fault lies in betraying the broader set of principles that brought him into office, and which, if he continues as before, sooner or later will sweep him out."

Those are some pretty big words for a glasses wearing little faggot, don't you think? Their hair all smells like peaches and their fingernails, they shine. These media guy never get their pants dirty, they never have to get down into the real world where there ain't a hell of a lot of difference between shit and shinola. That's where the action is, baby doll, and that's where the world gets reshaped like a boxer's broken nose.

And I tell you what. The ones that aren't evil and corrupt are plain stupid, like that pill popper Rush. Gonna defend me, asshole? How much do you think your pea-brained audience even knew about my family until you started yammering about it?

Leave me alone, all of you. Maybe you'll manage to bring down the hammer, maybe not, but in the end, you still got to stand before God and make him believe that you're something more than a bug to be squashed.

"I can see it's coming on now Clancy. Yeah you're a cop and you've got to DO SOMETHING. No that gun won't do you a bit of good. Better put it away. You don't believe in that gun anymore Clancy. You don't believe in that badge neither nor the work you're doing. What kept you doing it Clancy? It was the feeling you were on set knowing you had a part in the film and the film covered you just like the white stuff covers a junkie he don't mind shaving and dressing. And you didn't mind doing these things so long as the film covered you why you were on the cops. Well the film isn't there any more Clancy the spring is gone from your sap strength sags from your good right arm cold and wooden your fingers... Time to turn in your cop suit to the little Jew who will check it off in his books."

    - William Burroughs, Exterminator


2005, Mark Hoback