"Well, here we are on Planet Arrakis, Laura. What do you think about it?"

"It's uh..."

"Yep, it's pretty great. The heat, it's like a dry heat. No humidity. I think it's got something to do with that white sun."

"You know, I just wish that sometime we could take a trip someplace that wasn't quite as hot. Okay, granted it's a dry heat as opposed to that horrid ranch of yours, but still."

"Aww. You know I love the heat, Laura. I'm like a heat-seeking missile. And Barney loves it too, don't you big fella? Tell mistress. Tell mistress you love it... Hmm, dog's a little limp."

"He's probably hot. And thirsty. Speaking of water, maybe we could compromise, and go to the beach or something."

"No can do. Barney hates the beach."

"Barney's never been to the beach."

"Well, if he went he wouldn't enjoy it. Too many people geegawking around. Like master like dog, I always say. Hey, how bout some spice. Arrakis specialty. This is some good shit."

"I'm supposed to eat that?"

"No, you don't eat it, you snort it. Like this... WOOHAH!"

"That wasn't really spice, was it George?"

"I swear to Atreides... WOOHAH! Hit me with that lickin' stick! You really need to do some of this before the giant worms show up."

"Not the giant worms again."

"You betcha. Those things never get old."

2005, Mark Hoback