Clinton, Bush & Bush Get High, Have Real Nice Time

President Clinton points out Presidential Legacy while President Bush giggles and the other President Bush admires Presidential Finger.

President Bush joined his former President Dad and former President Clinton today in Little Rock, Arkansas today, for the dedication of Clinton's Presidential Library, and according to White House spokesman Scott McClellan, "they all had a real good Presidential time".

According to sources close to Clinton, former President Carter started the festivities off by breaking out the Presidential Hash Pipe and a nice chunk of Presidential Moroccan Gold. Presidents 41, 42, and 43 then played a Presidential Practical Joke on Carter, telling him that he had an urgent call from Kofi Annan on the Presidential Hot Line over by the Presidential Refreshment Stand. The three remaining Presidents than scurried off with the Presidential Hash Pipe, leaving President Carter stranded with the Presidential Wives, while they smoked the Presidential Gold in peace behind the great big Presidential Hidin' Wall.

2004, Mark Hoback