AdWatch: Kerry Ad Shows Bush Bicycling

Details of a new television ad from John Kerry set to begin airing Sunday:

TITLE: " Bicycling."

LENGTH: 30 seconds.

PRODUCER: Simon Lavitagus.

AIRING: Nationally on cable networks and in select media markets in 17 states.


Kerry: "I'm John F Kerry and I approve this message."

Image: Bush pedaling down dirt road on a dirt bike. Cut to: Close up of a rock. Cut to: Bush flying threw the air.

Announcer: "In which direction would George Bush lead? Will it be the way that he's led so far:  unwavering in his support for special interests, heedless and mindless of the hazards ahead? Flip-flopping like mad on the bicycle of state? He supported tax cuts for the wealthy in 2000 because of large government surpluses, but once in power he supported them because the expanding economy which he inherited now needed stimulation. He invaded Iraq to end Baghdad's WMD program and links to international terrorism, then decided the real reason was to bring democracy to the middle-east.

Image: Bush gets up, rubs his butt, and climbs back on the bicycle. Cut to: Another rock.  

Announcer: He can't even remember a fellow by the name of Osama bin Laden, preferring to go after easier targets instead.

Image: Bush flying through the air. Cut to: Cat Stevens

Announcer: Can we really afford another four years of a leader so rigid that he's constantly falling down on the job? It's time to change  course to something a little safer.

Image: Yet another rock. Cut to: Bruised Bush.

Announcer: John Kerry. At least he can stay on a friggin bicycle.

2004, Mark Hoback