Our Simple Friend, redux

An atom of Bobinglisium, the densest known matter in the universe

From today' Bloomberg piece titled Bush Faces Dissent From Republicans on Climate Change

Representative Bob Inglis, a South Carolina Republican, says he ``pooh-poohed'' global warming until he trekked to the South Pole in January.

Yeah, now that I'm here at the South Pole, it's all becoming clear. I've got evidence*... Come on, Bob, there's got to be an easier way to convince you than that. A book. A newspaper. A few minutes in front of the Discovery channel.

I'm sure his constituents really appreciate this gesture - "Honey, I just heard Congressman Inglis is taking another junket** to the South Pole." "I know he is, but if it helps end global warming, I'm all for it."

On the plus side, he's not pooh-poohing anymore

"Now, I think we should be concerned,'' says Inglis, who heads the U.S. House Science Research subcommittee. ``There are more and more Republicans willing to stop laughing at climate change who are ready to get serious about reclaiming their heritage as conservationists.''

Isn't that great! There's a new breed of Republicans out there who are willing to stop laughing at climate change! And reclaim their heritage as conservationists!. It's a revolution of the mind, baby, and we are busting through to a brand new day!

*Bob saw 'evidence of heat- trapping gases in the atmosphere'

**Other stops on Bob's research tour: Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii