House Minority Leader John Boehner insisted that he had not been foolishly mistaken on FOX News Sunday when he told Chris Wallace that if President Bush had made no visible progress in Iraq by September or October, he might give the issue a serious looking at, and try to determine what to do next..

"There will come a day when we have to do something next, so lets take a look at it. I know you have to look at things from time to time in this town. That's just politics. All of us know that, and most of us do that, because that's what the American people  want us to do - look at things, think about them, and really give them a good looking over. Iraq is one thing, and the president's plan is another thing, and what we need to know is, do these two things go together to form an aesthetically pleasing whole? And an example of an aesthetically pleasing whole is the Grand Canyon, heh heh, just messing with you there. Bottom line, we want progress, and one way to measure progress is with benchmarks."

Boehner has thought a lot about benchmarks, and if there has been no visible progress in Iraq by September or October, he just might begin to talk about them. And this is a man who knows a lot about benchmarks - he's used them in his real life, at his own business!

"Benchmarks? Hell, yeah, I've used them, and let me tell you, they can be pretty helpful. They're good for measuring things, like seeing how much progress you've made. Benchmarks are particularly good if you tie them to some metrics and then put them on a chart. I've got half a mind to do that very thing, but first of all, I guess I'll wait until September or October before I give it any real serious consideration."

2007, Mark Hoback