President Bush was in Yuma, Arizona today, where he looked firsthand at the local fencing and spoke about his new, possibly tougher immigration plan.

"Congress can pass a comprehensive bill and I can sign it into law this year," Bush said, not bothering to mention exactly what his plan entailed, other that the fact that it was 'a good plan' and came with pie..

The president's visit included a demonstration of the tactics used by Yuma's highly successful 'Border Force Zero', who effectively surrounded a huge Mexican and taunted him with "Red Rover, Red Rover" until he gave up and trudged back home to his casa in Cananea.

The Bush plan is expected to call for undocumented workers to be able to apply for three-year work visas, renewable at a cost of $3,500 each time, and would allow for a path to citizenship, although applicants would have to go to the back of the line, whatever that means. It also is expected to have an expedited option for workers with special skills. "You know, Mexicans that can entertain us," said the president. "Mariachis, wrestlers, and anyone who can whip up a really good chimichanga.".

2007, M Hoback