"That was a good idea, Karl. Maybe a great idea. I'm gonna give you a new nickname - 'Idea Guy'."

"Aw, shoot George, taking responsibility isn't a new idea, but it is a classic. You know, 'the buck stops here', yadda yadda, yadda. I'm just glad that it's working for you."

"Mea culpa. Mea culpa. What a shame, I'll take the blame. Makes me look like a vulnerable kind of guy, you know, sensitive, like when John Wayne used to look at a little girl and... say, Rovester, you don't think that John Wayne was, you know..."

"No way!"

"Right, right, no way. He was just showing his sensitive side, like a real man can still like puppies and still be macho as the living daylights."

"Or like his kids..."


"Or like the purdy flowers..."

"Yep. Yep."

"Or like another line of coke..."

"Yep. You got... Huh-uh, Karl, I'm pretty buzzed as it is. Matter of fact, I could use a little something to take the edge off. But then if I... Oh, what the hell. Bring it on. <sniff> Hooowee, that's got a kick to it! You know, I had forgotten how much I like this stuff. Don't know how I coulda made it through the last week without it."

"Well, you were looking pretty haggard there, Chief. So old Doctor Rove said to himself, 'how bout some Peruvian marching powder?'"

"That's my idea guy. Anybody ever tries to get rid of you, they're gonna find my foot squarely in their ass."

"The same goes for you, Buddy."

"Hey Karl, you got a light?"

"Uh, sure... I didn't know... What's that you're smoking, Virginia Slims?"

"You make sure you don't leak that, understand? They're Laura's."

"Ho ho, you've come a long way, baby."

"Yes I have come a long way, Karl. Who woulda thunk it? President of the United States. And all because I had this crazy desire to prove myself to my father..."

"Aw, George..."

"It's true. All I wanted was to own me a ball club. And I was there, Karl, it was within my grasp, and I threw it all away. For what?"

"You know, you are the most important man in the United States."

"Make that the world, Karl, and who gives a diddley squat? Life is a fleeting thing, and I'm watching mine ebb away... Chop me another line, would you."

"Sure thing."

"Anyway <sniff> que sara sara."

"Sera, sera."

"Whatever. So you think that apology thing worked? I mean, I was kinda sincere about it, too. Nobody told me what was going on, and then I get back home and find this... Jesus! Where did you get this stuff, Rovester?"

"Nicaraguan ambassador. Pretty good, huh?"

"Hell, yes! I wanna invade that place."

"Yeah, your dad had the same reaction back when he was working for 'the great one'."

"Funny, I didn't even know that he knew Jackie Gleason. Well, gotta go gotta go gotta go. It's off to the UN for some glad-handing. You up for a ballgame when I get back?"

"You know it, big guy."


2005, Mark Hoback