Bush to Nation: 'La La-La, La La La La'

Telling the crowd that there was only one bowl of partridge he could find which was 'just right', President Bush assured the American People that this was the very bowl they currently had in front of them. And then he rocked their socks off.

While not featuring any new material, the president's show at Fort Brag was chock full of classic hits. "9-11," he shouted to the crowd early in the show. "War is hard work".

If it was hard work, the president didn't even break a sweat as he pumped out the funky opening of 'Takin' the Fight to the Terrorists', and working the audience into a frenzy on the sing-along chorus 'fight 'em there so you won't fight 'em here'.

"I love North Carolina," he shouted. "September 11. 2001."

"Stay the Course' has always been the Bush big signature ballad, and this night proved no exception. What was different was Bush's spoken word interlude, as he lay down his trombone and spoke solemnly, backed only by the 130 members of the Marine Drum and Bugle Corp.

"Nine one one, my fellow Americans. Nine one one. Remember how frightened you were, how life seemed so frighteningly unpredictable. Three thousand Americans, gone with the drop of a hat. Maybe you'd like to go back to those days. Maybe you'd like to forget. Only you know. We are fighting against men with blind hatred and armed with lethal weapons who are capable of any atrocity. Any atrocity at all."

"What's your deepest, darkest fear? They'll do that to you, and laugh drunkenly while you scream. They wear no uniform; they will torture you while they are naked. They take innocent lives to create chaos for the cameras. Moving on to Iraq. They are trying to shake our will in Iraq, just as they tried to shake our will on September 11, 2001. They will fail. Now hand me back my horn."


2005, Mark Hoback