First librarian Laura Bush loves the ambience of T&G

The committee charged with finding a home for the George W Bush Presidential Library announced today that they had narrowed their city of choice down to Dallas, leaving Baylor University out of the running for this once in a lifetime collection.

Southern Methodist University is currently considered the front runner for the library because Laura Bush is a honored alumna

as well as a member of its board of trustees. "It's really all about me," explains Ms. Bush, who claims that "George told me, back in 1999, that if he ever got to be president that he would let me make all the library decisions for the family. And I love SMU. Go, Mustangs, go go go!"

Also still very much in the race is the smaller Toni & Guy Academy at Breakwood Mall, right off of Route 211. "Maybe we're not as big

 as SMU," says Bruno Mascolo, who runs the academy with his brothers Toni and Guy, "but what we're missing in size, we more than make up for with style."

The First Lady agrees. "Bruno is right. These gentlemen have a reputation for class, and they turn out some of the most talented stylists in the country. I may not be on their board of trustees, but I am on their most valued customer list, and I've never received less than 100% full satisfaction."

A final decision is expected to be forthcoming within a week.

2006, Mark Hoback