Good morning. I had intended to speak today about the proposed amendment to the Constitution which would define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. But why talk about it? You either walk with God or you don't. I do not need to explain what the holy already know in their hearts.

My opponents - my enemies - say that I don't have the political capital needed for another crusade. Political capital? Who needs it. I've got the microphone and I intend to hold it as long as God wants me to have it, or until man grasps it away from me. Today America is more prosperous than it has ever been, yet the middle class recedes, and the majority of the nation is fully engaged in the struggle that is the essence of life. There is wisdom in this, as the poor are truly close to God. This was my plan, and it is good.

But today, the majority of Americans are faced with a dilemma, a choice between God and godlessness. Without me, you dwindle into marginalization, just a sea of dirt poor rednecks without a voice, much less a theocracy. The poverty part should not trouble you - you will surely receive your reward in the kingdom of Heaven. The fat cats that you see getting all of the bacon, I assure you that it is easier for a camel to walk through the eye of a needle than it is for the rich to get to the pearly gates. They will find out the hard way, and once you receive your earthly reward, you can look down from Heaven and confirm what you knew all along - you really were better than them. But for now, it is best to just think of the rich as my earthly minions, and know that all is good.

I've got the microphone, We've got the microphone.

If Democrats win, if Democrats take the House due to your inaction, do you know what to expect? I do. I do, because a lot of it will affect me personally. First, you're going to see the President of the United States - your voice - investigated, poked and prodded, tried and convicted. It will be as though it was you that was being investigated, poked and prodded, tried and convicted. I've got the microphone, and I am your voice. Think of that while you still have one. Do any of us stand a chance in the eyes of an almighty God without benefit of his infinite mercy and grace? Judge not that ye be judged. Yet that is exactly the fate that awaits us should the Democrats succeed in their mad quest for power. We shall be judged by man, not God.

Because God will be taken out of the equation, and the word of God will be treated as the word of heresy. It's a world - your world - turned upside down. The world of Babel, where people speak in a million unknown tongues, and man lies down with man. This is not God's plan. This is not my plan, nor is it yours. This is the Democrats plan. Oh, I know that they may speak of human rights and social justice, but what they seek is a freedom from God. My fellow Americans, freedom is illusory. Freedom is slavery, because godless freedom is bondage to the will of secular man, and the will of secular man is slavery to Satan. Few truths could be more simple or clear.

Thank you for listening.

2006, Mark Hoback