China Ask 'Who Captain Rajahee?'

Captain Rajahee and Bernie with members of Tangerine Teens

Once again, in China countryside, miles away from Beijing, multiple reports arise from those who state in fabulous wonder 'There goes Captain Rajahee, king of bicycle'.

Evil doers, please to beware. When Captain Rajahee come to town, crime is not at all rewarded. With his sidekick Bernie, as well as the Tangerine Teens, one may be assured that many heads will roll, metaphorically speaking. In reality, Captain Rajahee does not torture bad guys because there is no need. Not when his usually shielded eyes can sent out powerful democracy waves, which make bad guys work many hard hours for Lexus. Chinese government very suspicious.

Who is this Captain Rajahee with his legs of steel? All China want to know. Against background, traditional Chinese crime fighting values just run amuck.

Look! There he go again!


2005, M Hoback