Rove: Great meeting, Chief. I don't know why any of them need to run any longer than fifteen minutes.

Bush: You're right about that, Rovester. Indecision, that's the problem. If you know what you wanna do, then all you gotta do is implement. Sigh...

Rove: What's wrong, Chief? You seem kind of down in the dumps. Keep that chin up. After all, tomorrow is Christmas day.

Bush: I guess that's what's making me blue. Let me ask you something Karl. What's Santa gonna bring you?

Rove: Oh, gosh, Mister President, how the heck would I know? But just between you and me, I'm hoping for a new set of golf clubs.

Bush: Well, I bet Santa will find a way to make that happen for you. Wouldn't you like to see him, Karl?

Rove: See who?

Bush: Santa Clause.

Rove: Heh, heh, uhhh...

Bush: Couple of time I've tried to stay up late and catch a peek, but I always fall asleep before he comes. Funny, that... Won't be waiting this year though. I can't think of anything else I want. That's the irony - I've been good as I can be, and what for? I've already gotten everything I've asked for. Sigh...

Rove: Social security?

Bush: Done deal.

Rove: Tax cuts?

Bush: Shoot, I get that almost every Christmas.

Rove: Roe vs. Wade?

Bush: Santa says maybe next time.

Rove: Saddam's worthless ass? Heh, heh, guess the fat man came early last year.

Bush: Don't call him that!

Rove: What? Saddam worthless? I thought...

Bush: No, the F-A-T part. That's disrespectful. You'll get him angry.

Rove: Uhhh... What?

Bush: I'm thinking somebody might not find those golf clubs under the tree after all. Know what I'm saying? Now back to me. There must be something I don't have.

Rove: Well, there is the matter of your judicial nominees. You've only got 204 of those.

Bush: 204? That seems like an awful lot.

Rove: But you asked for 214. Why, you're barely batting .950.

Bush: I don't know... I don't want to seem greedy...

Rove: Greedy? Didn't you just tell me that you had been extremely good this year?

Bush: Yes I have. Good as gold.

Rove: Well, you've fulfilled your part of the contract.

Bush: You're right. You're absolutely right. Rovester, you've given me a wonderful present - A Christmas Dream. Merry Christmas. Karl.

Rove: Merry Christmas, sir.


2004, Mark Hoback