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Don't Fear The Reaper

Talking Points for the
Excellence In Broadcasting Network
for October 8, 2004

Gentlemen and Lady,

As we said in the talking points for the first debate, the liberal press should not be expected to give the president a fair deal in tonight's debate. If the president does poorly enough, we probably should expect to hear them saying that the horse race is now being led by John Kerry, and pending a miracle, he has the race all but sewed up. Well, my little miracle makers, we shall see about that. 

The good news for all of you - TGIF - is that tomorrow is a Saturday, so we have two full days to let the debate sort itself out before we have to worry about a response. Three days for those of you who run 'Best ofs' on holidays. Good lord, we've got to pray that we get a better performance out of our man than last time; to be kind, Bush was gibbering like a bloody fool. Not even a three day weekend is enough to spin gold out of a turd like that. Just keep your fingers crossed.

Okay. Today... Everyone should have a tape of the Kerry faux pas from yesterday. This is funny stuff, and you should riff with it. The mainstream media totally ignored his comments on Mount St. Helens, so this material will be fresh. Cutting edge fresh. What you've got for airplay is "put Americans first, and hunt them down where they live and kill them." We cut it there, and left off the "Volcanoes, that is. Not Americans." We've also given you an edit, which you can use as a drop in: "hunt them down...kill them". The Audience is going to love this, and we want to give the phrase enough currency so that by Tuesday we can start spinning it as a Freudian slip. You might even do a bit of that today, but keep it light.

Now a great meme for everyone but Rush - sorry Rush, but you stay clear of this - is the way liberal judges in Florida have used their power in a blatant attempt to destroy one man - that's you, Rush. You see why you want to avoid this... you tend to get so defensive.

Seizing a man's private medical records. It boggles the mind. Lord protect us. I want you to ask your audience what they think would happen if anyone ever went after Dan Rather's medical records. Oh, you'd have some outcry then, wouldn't you? At any rate, you can see how these Clinton judges are trying to twist the tenants of the Patriot Act to their own evil ends. This is our flagship they're after. Run with it, people.

And relax, folks. Bottom line is everything is fine. Even if Bush's head explodes, which it just might, it all works out for us. We can make more money with a Democrat in office than we can with a Republican anyway. It's true. The fight's the thing. Like I always say, losers never win, and winners never lose. Except sometimes in politics.

Keep the faith, keep the will, keep the power.

James T Praeger

CEO, Excellence in Broadcasting Network


2004, Mark Hoback