Hey, you! Ya, you, you puny little Democrats, you think you can run away hiding and not finish my budget. Well, hear me now and believe me later, the joke is on you. You're all a bunch of girly-men. I want to take you down to the gym and...

Excuse me, Governor. You wanna put a sock in it? I'm a bit of a girly-man myself, and I take offense at your remarks.

Ha, ha. See, I told you, the Democrats are a bunch of girly-men. Ha, you are so puny, girly-man, I could beat you into a frothy paste without even tiring my fists out.

I don't think so. I'd terminate you.

Ridiculous. Of course you could not. My superior strength and lightning quick reflexes are...

I have a gun.

Yah, but you don't have a sense of humor. It is very funny when I say things from my motion pictures.

No it's not.

Yah, yah it is, and if you shoot me, it will be illegal, and you will pay a heavy price. You will be terminated.

No. I have a concealed weapons permit.  And I believe you said that you were going to beat me into a frothy paste. I could claim self-defense.

No. No...

And you said you might terminate me.

Don't point that thing at me. Please.

I want an apology.

Okay, sure. No hard feelings. I'm sorry. Pardon me sir.


I'm sorry. Girly-man.

Okay. No hard feelings.


2004, Mark Hoback