Outgoing homeland security Tom Ridge downgraded the danger of any future Godzilla attacks to a category two level threat, saying that the famous reptile had been effectively marginalized.

"Is he still greenish? Yes. Is he still radioactive? Yes, but he no longer gives off much more charge than an ordinary dental X-ray. Does he still pose a threat to the citizenry of the country? Well, let me give you a qualified answer to that question. A category two monster is still a monster, and there remains the chance that he could scare the pants off someone, particularly the elderly or the overly squeamish. But he can't breathe fire any longer, he can barely get around on those lumbering legs, and he's shrunken into just a vague memory of himself. Our whole idea behind giving him that star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame was to bring him out in the open, where people can see that he's now a figure more to be pitied than feared."


2004, Mark Hoback