AdWatch: Bush Ad Shows Kerry As Menace

Details of a new television ad from the Bush-Cheney campaign, set to begin airing Thursday:

TITLE: "Hunting."

LENGTH: 30 seconds.

PRODUCER: Neil Estraveda.

AIRING: Nationally on cable networks, Washington DC, and select media markets where Kerry has a home.


Bush: "I'm George W Bush and I approve this message."

Cue: Tympani dirge from 'Blood Feast'.

Image: Cute little blonde girl in yellow dress looking anxiously as her mother opens the door. A tall dark stranger steps inside.

Little Girl: Who... Who is it?

Mother: Hush, dear. It's Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry.

Little Girl: Yiiiiiiiiii!!!!

Image: Freeze frame of cute little girls face, frozen in horror.

Announcer: "Mere days ago, in a speech to the National Oceanographic Conference, Senator Kerry told a stunned audience that he would hunt down Americans where they live and kill them. With Senator Kerry in charge, the terrorists will smell victory, sizzling like a pan full of bacon set on high burn.

Image: The tall, dark stranger shoves mom to the ground, and with an evil grin, takes aim at a porcelain figure of the Lord Jesus Christ placed upon the fireplace mantle. Cut to: <slow motion> Shards of porcelain flying into space.  

Announcer: Hunt them down. Kill them. Hunt them down. Kill them. Should this be what we expect from the leader of the free world?

Image: Kerry takes aim at mother, who is cowering by the fireplace. Cut to: Cute little girl, running towards the door.

Announcer: Can we really afford four years of a leader so uncaring about good hard working Christian Americans that he would hunt them down and kill them? Some say no.

<fade to black>

Cue: Gunshots.

Announcer: Bush-Cheney. This time it's a matter of life and death.


2004, Mark Hoback