Premier Broadcasting Company,
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Losers Never Win

Talking Points for the
Excellence In Broadcasting Network
for October 1, 2004

Gentlemen (and lady - gracias Ms. Ingram),

We can reasonably expect that the liberal press will be all aflutter tomorrow with happy talk about how John Kerry has emerged victorious from the first presidential debate. We see this not as a mere possibility; we anticipate this outcome with clear sight and unclouded minds.

This, of course, is irrelevant. We already know that our leader is not the most eloquent of men. He has proven his mettle through actions, not words, and we all understand that these quadrennial debates are simply a pro forma bit of circus to satisfy the 'small thinkers' in the rutting class.

Do not believe for a moment that this race is already over. There are as many twist in the road as there are stars in the sky. We shall not speak of these, yet we must silently acknowledge them. We will continue to project victory, and keep a public face of overwhelming confidence. Ridicule is a sign of strength, not weakness, and the liberals are simply too kind (i.e. stupid) to wield this weapon with much conviction.

In this packets you will find a CD with multiple 'flip-flop' quotes to fit any anticipated remarks, as well as a number which can be used as non-contextual bookends for your commercial fades. "I don't own an SUV. My family owns a SUV." Leave them smiling between segments.

EIB executives have already coordinated responses with some of our top talent. (You are all very important to us; however, ratings do count. Strive!) Limbaugh, of course, will be our confidence driver. Rush has assured us that he will be even jollier than usual, and we intend to see that he remains so. Hannity will be our hammer, focusing hard on the treason angle, and we have him booked with enough quality guests for the next few weeks that the rest of you can safely stay away from hard core meanness to safely claim objectivity. Sean has taken that particular bullet for us enough times that his hide is nearly impenetrable. I suggest a healthy mixture of humor and truth for the rest of you. And keep it very clear in your minds that truth is the most subjective of all virtues.

The important thing to remember is that losers never win. The liberals are fighting for a lofty and pretentious goal - the rights and freedoms of others. The conservatives have a much simpler path. We are fighting for ourselves. There is a difference in intensity that cannot be denied. When you lose on another man's behalf, you can always shrug it off, and live to fight another day. We fight for NOW!

Keep the faith, keep the will, keep the power.

James T Praeger

CEO, Excellence in Broadcasting Network



2004, Mark Hoback