Bush-Cheney Prepare for the 911 Commission


April 29th is gearing up to be a day of fun, firsts, and surprises as Bush and Cheney face the 911 commission in tandem. Controversy has stirred around this appearance, not only because of the co-billing, but also due to the restriction in information preservation. Not only will the session not be under oath, it will not be recorded. The White House has even refused to allow a stenographer to be present, allowing only a low level bureaucrat, Bob Levonowitz, to be present as a 'note taker'.

White House press secretary Scott McClellan stunned reporters this morning when he announced that Levonowitz was in fact "a really fast note-taker. This is in violation to the spirit of our agreement, where we asked for a medium speed note taker with bad hand writing. We obviously needed to make an adjustment."

The adjustment requested was for the White House to supply the note-taking pencil. Commission members asked that rubber pencils be excluded, and that there be assurances that the pencil would be sharpened. The White House reluctantly agreed.

FGAQ has discovered that the pencil being supplied is a #3 Yellow Bunyan (pictured above). "It slows the process down," McClellan explained, "since the note taker has to move the paper around the pencils point. The good thing is that it's hard to break the lead. It's a big meeting, and we wanted a big pencil."


2004, Mark Hoback