Operation Phantom Fury Begins

Hold it right there, dickhead. Yeah, I'm talking to you, ya swarthy piece of shit. That's my girl you're messing with. Now I'm going to fuck you up big time. Huh. You think Suha Arafat was mad? I'll show you mad.

What was he doing, darlin'? Looked like he was trying to feel you up. He was? Now I'm really furious.

I pity you, bozo. Hey, The Phantom may not have any super powers, but you know what he's got? A baseball bat. That's right, The Phantom's mighty Louisville Slugger, and I'm going to wail on your Fallujahn ass with that motherfucker.

Yeah, you're right, you're right, I'm smiling. Know why I'm smiling? I'm smiling cause I'm thinking just how funny it's going to be to watch you try to walk out of here with two broken legs.


2004, Mark Hoback