How Can We Miss You When You Won't Go Away?

"The president knows that he doesn't have the strength in that stable, and he's going to another corral to find it," said a member of Bush's political team who asked not to be identified because it is not his job to talk to reporters.
One senior administration official said Treasury Secretary John W. Snow can stay as long as he wants, provided it is not very long. - Washington Post Nov. 29

"Hey Snowman, you still here?"

"Certainly, Mister President, of course I..."

"Well, would you mind taking a hike? This is a private meeting."

"I thought it was a cabinet meeting, Mister President. I am still Treasury Secretary."

"Mmm. Point taken. You don't mind if Andy sits in your chair, do you?"

"Doesn't Mister Card have a..."

"There's a stool over there in the corner. Behind the water cooler."

"I would prefer to..."

"You still here? Tell me something, Snowman. Heard any good myths lately?"

"That's not fair, Mister..."

"Life ain't fair, Snowman. Here's ten bucks."


"You the big shot treasury secretary, run out and get me a roll of quarters."


"Not up to it, huh? How about you, Andy? You got a roll of quarters?"

"Sure thing, Sir."

"Mister President, that's silly."

"You don't get the fundamentals, Snowman, you're not even in the corral."


2004, Mark Hoback