Bush: 'Turkey is Unpardonable'.

FGAQ refuses to use the painfully obvious caption about a couple of jive turkeys.


In a sharp divergence from traditional presidential precedent, President Bush stated today that he has no intention of pardoning the official 2002 sacrificial turkey. “She’s guilty as sin,” Bush told stunned observers. “She’s a turkey. That’s all the evidence I need.”

At one point Bush mugged for observers and blatantly taunted the turkey. “I met your mother last year." he quipped. "She was delicious.”

 Before retreating to the presidential limousine and continuing en route to Air Force 1, where he will depart for his home in Crawford Texas, Bush made one final jab at the turkey. Scrunching up his face and speaking in a high pitched voice, he whined “Please don’t kill me. I’ve found Jesus.” Bush then stared at the turkey for a full thirty seconds before asking “You gonna cry?” and departing the scene.

© 2002, M Hoback

Photo © 2002, Frank Johnston, The Washington Post