Bobby Brown Comix


Bobby Brown. Yo, Bobby Brown. Come over here boy, I want to kick your ass.

You hear me, Bobby Brown, do you hear me? I said that I'm gonna take your woman.

Gonna get me some that superfine Whitney pussy! You best believe me. Yo Bobby Brown, better listen up good cause that's what I'm gonna do!
I had just about had enough of this jackass.

But what was I supposed to do? It should be my prerogative to put his ass in a sling, but the police are always on Bobby Brown's back, and I'm still on probation for another thirty years. Maybe if I talked to the man...

Mister President, I would like permission from the United States Government to track down Osama bin Laden and give him a good old fashioned ass kicking.

Permission granted, Bobby Brown. I know that he's been hitting on that skanky wife of yours. Can I offer to have the Air Force give you a ride to the Afghan border?

No thank you, Mister President. I think I'm gonna drive my jeep. It has UPS.

UPS? Good luck to you, Bobby Brown. If you have a chance to, bring back pictures.

I'm gonna bring down Osama like a sack of potatoes.
Even if it takes all night.


2006, Mark Hoback