Vacation Time


...well I went to my congressman and he said quote, "I'd like to help you son but you're too young to vote," sometimes I wonder what I'm a gonna do, cause there ain't no cure for the summertime blues... duh duh duh dum, duh duh da dum, duh duh duh dum....
Good morning, Irbahim. It would seem as though this delightful weather has put you in high spirits.
High spirits indeed, Nouri. I have been planning my summer vacation, and you would not believe the price I just got on Travelocity for the Cairo Hilton! All praise to William Shatner!
Shatner? I thought he worked for Priceline...
Maybe it was some other white American fool, I can't really be sure. But listen to this. I get deluxe lodging and travel accommodations for the same price as if...
Nouri, is it possible that you have yet to hear? The American congress doesn't want us to take a summer vacation this year. They say we have too much work left to do.
I hope I didn't just hear what I thought I heard...
I'm afraid you did, Hajim. The Americans don't only wish for Parliament to cancel our two month summer break, they don't want us to take any vacation at all.
The meddling pigs, I could just eat them were they not made out of pork. Perchance their newfound zeal to see us toil through the hot summer month is a result of the election of those Democrats that George Bush warned so strongly against.
Damn those Democrats and their politically driven agenda. I know that the Republicans surely would not appreciate the sight of Iraq's freedom fighters forced into slavery beneath the sweltering August sun.
I regret to say that our vacation is a topic of unforeseen unity between those two warring parties. They seem to have nothing better to do with their time than to meddle with our job benefits.
They are worse than pigs. They are... um, give me a minute... they are... super-double pigs.
Tell me, my brothers, can a man truly be said to be free when he is denied his two months of vacation time? I swear to you, he is not. The Americans are not the boss of me!
Nor of me! Since when have the Americans been able to tell us what to do?
What's the date, Hajim, May 4th? Since about four years, one month, and fifteen days ago.
Oh, yeah...
Do you think they'd mind if we just took six weeks?


2007, Mark Hoback