Now we go to Jim Axelrod in Chicago, who  reports on the local cheese crisis.

Jim? Jim? Are you receiving me?

I'm sorry, Katie. It's just that I was mesmerized by that radiant smile of yours. It's true what they say, you know. You truly are as cute as a little button.  I never really knew what that meant before, but now my heart is full of Spring

About that cheese crisis, Jim...

I'm leaving Chicago right now, Miss Katie,
I'm winging my way back to you.


Don't be a fool, Jim. Other men have tried to win my heart and failed.
Men with more charisma then you. Junior Soprano. Elvis, too.

But would they fight for you, the way that I will?
Would they put on the scary night goggles?


I am so not impressed with you night vision specs. Now go back to your spot and get busy.



This is CBS correspondent Jim Axelrod reporting from Chicago, city of heartache. Chicago, today, remains a city without cheese...



2006, Mark Hoback