...sure... I understand... Uh huh... They are relatively small riots, not that big of a deal... Uh huh... Well, as president of Pakistan I appreciate your concern, and I assure you that we'll have those elections just as soon as things settle down a little bit... Okay... Thank you, Governor Huckabee... You have a blessed day as well. Goodbye.


Omar, you've got another call waiting on line number three.

Have mercy, Abdullah. I have been trying to sneak out for a bathroom break for the past four hours now.
Be that as it may, Omar, nobody ever promised you a rose garden. Answering the presidential telephone is a high honor. And this is another United States presidential candidate on the line, a former senator John Edwards.

Damn these presidential candidates. There seems to be no end to their numbers. Is this one a Republican or a Democrat?

Do not ask me such a perplexing question, Omar. How is one to tell them apart? Now get back to work or prepare for many lashes.
Good afternoon, Senator Edwards... Yes... Uh huh... Yes, I know that you are going to be the next president of the United States, and that is why I am pleased to speak with you... No... No... It's all under control... No, you will find no greater lover of Democracy than I, Pervez Musharraf have... Right... Right... I know that you will be much tougher on me than President Bush has been, and... that's why... Uh huh... Okay... I assure you your message was loud and clear... Right, I'll see you in the Oval Office. Goodbye.


Omar, another call on line six. A congressman Duncan Hunter...



2007, Mark Hoback