Springtime in Cancun may be some folks idea of a picnic, but not mine. I'd rather be back home clearing brush.

Of course, Vicente was there to meet me at the airport, but he had this new squirrelly looking fellow with him.

His name is Steve, and he's the president of Canada. Looks kinda like an Aussie, I think. He's the only one who didn't wear a white shirt.

Steve had this crazy idea about visiting the pyramids. "Vincent," I said, "tell our new friend that we've got a summit to do. We can't go off gallivanting to Egypt."

Seems like Mexico has built some pyramids of their own. They look pretty small from here, but looks can be deceiving.

Get a little closer and they grow on you. Those little black thing are people. Oops. I meant to say little brown things.

I have to admit it was pretty big as pyramids go.

It has about a million steps and these nutballs wanted to walk all of them.

At this point I started to realize that I was not going to get to ride my bike today.

Round and round we went, walking on those damn stairs. I didn't even mention my sore knee.

And the sad thing is, this looks like fun compared to what we have lined up for tomorrow.



2006, Mark Hoback